Bubbly Margaritas

As previously mentioned, I’ve just had a big birthday, and what a perfect excuse that is to indulge in some homemade cocktails!

I call these my Bubbly Margaritas, but before anyone shouts at me, I am well aware this isn’t a proper margarita recipe. The whole cocktail only requires 4 ingredients, it is a cheat’s recipe. But it’s minty, limy, bubbly, quite alcoholic, delicious and really easy to make!

As it was a big birthday, I had a small garden party to celebrate. I didn’t want to be spending all night in he kitchen making cocktails, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on ingredients, shakers and stirrers (my friends can really drink and are always up for a cocktail!) but I definitely wanted to have something a bit special, something summery and grown up. This really fit the bill! I made up the ‘margarita mix’ in a big jug and guests helped themselves – half a glass of mix, topped up with champagne or lemonade. There wasn’t a drop left by about 10 pm!

This recipe is for 1 cocktail. Just multiply the ingredients up to make more than one.


  • 1 part fresh lime juice
  • 1 part Tequila Silver
  • 3 parts Lime and Mint Cordial
  • 5 parts Champagne / Prosecco / Lemonade


  • Pour the Lime juice, Tequila and cordial into a glass.
  • Give it a mix and top it up with the Champagne / Prosecco / Lemonade
  • Garnish with a lime wedge, mint sprig and umbrella if you wish.

It’s that easy!

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