We created this hoopla game for our wedding to keep people entertained in between the ceremony and the breakfast, along with other lawn games. It was great fun, cost less than £5 and was so simple to make. We keep it in the shed now and bring it out at garden parties and BBQs. The only thing we paid for were the hoops which cost about £3 from the internet and the cost of getting one sheet of card laminated.

Most of the decor was homemade at our wedding. I’m quite crafty and like making things and we were going for a rustic look so it suited us well. You could of course splash out on a pretty box or spend time painting the bottles different colours, whatever floats your boat, but that’s not what we were after.

Here’s how we did it:

You can pick up wooden crates like this from most supermarkets, or restaurants. Fruit and veg are delivered in them and places are usually happy to give them away, as it saves them having to dispose of it.

The brown paper came from the flower shop I work in. Flowers are wrapped in it when they are delivered, and again, shops are usually more than happy to give it away.

The ribbons were saved from gifts I had received over the years and bits of string I had in the shed.

The bottles, of course, came from our recycling box.

The rule’s sheet I made on my computer, stuck bits of each colour ribbon on to the corresponding points and my now husband took it into work and laminated it for the cost of the laminating sheet.

I had 1 bottle worth 10 points, 2 worth 7 points, 3 worth 5 points, 4 worth 3 points and 5 worth 1 point.

I cut the bottom piece out of a thick cardboard box I got from a supermarket, and placed it into the bottom of the crate. I then taped the bottles into place with packing tape so they didn’t move too much while I wedged the brown paper between them. The paper keeps the bottles stable and in position and also covers up the cardboard and tape.

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