Bell Pepper Prep

I hate food waste, I try to use every last scrap of food. However, even I can’t find a use for pepper stalks other than the compost bin. But working in hospitality for years, I saw how much of the lovely pepper flesh is wasted by chopping out the stalk. I’ve seen people chop the whole top and bottom off the pepper to create perfectly straight slices. They may look nice in a salad, but what a waste! That’s a whole other side dish straight in the bin.

I picked this tip up from a TV chef years ago. I’ts quick, easy, and makes sure you get the very most out of your peppers:

Wash your pepper well, then place your thumb onto the stalk and press down firmly, pushing the stalk through the top of the pepper.

Using a sharp, small knife, cut the pepper in half, length ways, using the hole you’ve just created as a start.

Open the pepper out and pick out the stalk and seeds.

Slice, and there you go. Perfectly prepped pepper, with no wasted flesh.

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