Hanging Stars

I created these hanging stars for a New Years Eve party a few years ago but I didn’t get round to blogging about them. That’s why in the pictures, the dates are 2018 and 2019. I haven’t completely lost my mind, don’t worry.

I know we wont be having parties this year, but I feel that this year, more than any other, we should celebrate seeing the back of it. This is a lovely activity to do with children, to think back and remember the good that came out of this year, instead of just the bad; and to look forward to next year and make some resolutions.

At my party a few years ago, I pinned curling ribbon into the ceiling with drawing pins (my fairy lights were hooked round them too) before any guests arrived. The ribbons looked great hanging down, and when people had written on the back of a star, they just tied them on to a ribbon. So by the end of the night, the room was filled with stars hanging down from the ceiling, full of good memories, hopes and resolutions for us to dance under. It was lovely. You could, of course, hang them on your Christmas tree or from curtain poles to make a feature in a window if you don’t want to put pins in your ceiling. I have beams, so I pinned into them and didn’t damage any plaster.

What You’ll Need:

  • Coloured / glittery / metallic card
  • Plain paper
  • A printer to print out the templates below (Or make your own star template on some card, then draw around it and cut them out)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A holepunch
  • String or curling ribbon

What To Do

  • Print the below star template onto the back of some coloured card and cut them out.
  • Print out the below messages onto plain paper and cut them out.
  • Glue one message onto the coloured side of each star, leaving the back empty to write on.
  • Hole punch a hole at the top of each star to hang them from.
  • Fill them out, hang them up and see in the new year.

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