Salad and Fruit Platters

A salad bowl is a must at any BBQ or garden party. But in my experience, what happens, is all the lovely salad veg gets placed in a bowl and all the heavy items fall to the bottom and you’re left with just lettuce on top. Or people peer into the bowl, see something they don’t like on top, and can’t be bothered digging through the layers to find something they like. So usually, it gets left, which is a shame.

Instead, I lay out the salad veg on a long platter, so everyone can see what’s there, and pick out what they want.

I start with a bed of lettuce, spinach, rocket, or something else leafy, then pile up the rest of the salad veg in sections. I do this with fruit salads as well, and it works really well.

The platters are colourful, inviting, and your guests don’t have to pick their way through a whole bowl to get a bit of lettuce and onion for their burger, or a few slices of pepper to dip in their humous.

Once you’ve made your platter, cover it with wet kitchen roll and keep it in the fridge. See my post How To Keep Cold Buffet Platters Fresh for more info.

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