Hi! My name is Sarah and I live in the Shropshire countryside with my husband and an increasing number of cats. A florist by trade, but also a keen gardener, wine lover (only dry white though) and a foody. If I’m not eating or cooking, I’m planning my next meal!

I have been pescatarian (I eat fish and dairy but not meat) since I was 19 or 20 (I wont put a year, but lets just say it was before it became acceptable to be veggie, and no one had heard of gluten). My boyfriend at the time (now my husband – go us!) is a full blown carnivore, so I have been trying to develop tasty Veggie and Pesky recipes that we can enjoy together. He still has his steaks, sausage and bacon butties and chicken curries, but I wanted to make sure when he ate one of my meals he didn’t feel like he was missing out. We also love throwing a good party and I wanted to create Veggie and Pesky options that people didn’t avoid. In my opinion, they should look just as appetising and taste just as delicious as the meaty options.

We love to travel and I always endeavour try something new whenever we go abroad. Sometimes I fall in love with a dish or ingredient on holiday and end up spending weeks trying to recreate the flavours of it when I get back home. I’ve also spent a lot of time working in cafe’s and waiting on in pubs and restaurants and I’m always keen to learn from the amazing chefs I meet to develop my own skills.

All of the recipes on this blog are my own, but I do of course, find inspiration from other recipes and dishes. When this is the case I will always tell you where the inspiration came from.

There are two cookery books that I use a lot – The Dairy Book of Home Cookery which is literally older than I am and is my go-to for traditional cake, pastry, sauces and frosting recipes; and Vegetarian Cooking which was bought for me as a gift years ago and has so many interesting ideas from around the globe that I’ve marked almost every page as a ‘must try’.

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