Activity Packs

My husband and I don’t have any children, and our home isn’t particularly child friendly. We don’t have stacks of toys anywhere or kids TV channels. So when we’re hosting a party where children will be attending, I always try to have some kind of kid-friendly activity organised. It’s only fair that they should feel included in the revelry, and if the kids are happily playing, the adults can let their hair down.

For my birthday a few years ago, my husband and I decided to host a garden party so we could have a BBQ. The BBQ is his domain, so after a bit of prep, I could put my feet up and enjoy the party and he would do the cooking.

There was going to be a mixture of children and adults there. The adults had all met before at our wedding a few years previous, but the children didn’t know each other, and I wanted something that would encourage the kids to get talking to each other. We have quite a large garden, with a few different sections to it. You can’t see the whole of the garden from any one spot due to the triangular shape of it and the mature trees dotted about. I was keen for the kids to explore and play together, but I had to be prepared in case they didn’t get along, or if one of them was feeling particularly shy. So I created an activity pack on my computer, and printed off one for each child. Inside was an assortment of activities for them to do either individually or together, depending on how they were feeling.

I’d set up a tent for the children to play in, complete with a ‘Kids Only’ sign on the entrance, and put the activity packs inside, along with coloured pens. The children dived straight in and within minutes were working together to complete the scavenger hunt. I gave prizes of lollypops and sweets to everyone who completed it, regardless of whether they were first or last, and it went down a storm.

I printed each page of the activity packs onto plain, white, A4 paper and folded them in half to create A5 booklets they could colour in.

The pages are below. Feel free to save, edit and print them off for your next party.

I printed them as follows:

The front and back cover sheet – back to back with the P1 and P6 sheet.

The middle sheet – back to back with the P5 and P2 sheet.

Front and Back Cover
P1 & P6
P3 & P4 (the middle)
P5 & P2

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